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SRS specializes in architectural metals including custom handrails (rails), railings, cladding, curved stairs, custom stairs, handrails, glass handrails, brass handrails, brass stairs, stainless steel handrails, stainless steel stairs, bronze handrails, bronze stairs. We fabricate miscellaneous metals including stainless steel, brass, and bronze. SRS fabricates and installs ramp rails (railings), balcony rails (railings), glass partitions, glass railings, glass guardrails, and ornamental canopies. Our ornamental metal work is used in guardrails, curved railings, curved glass guardrails, handicap railings, stainless steel panels, bronze panels, brass panels, cable railings, and cable rails.

Our fabrication facility is conveniently located in central New Jersey and we install our custom fabricated architectural metal work in commercial and residential buildings in New York City, New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC, and surrounding areas.